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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our most latest addition in our pom family

It has been a long while since the last post. We had a couple new pomeranians but they were placed in a good family home. We still have Dory and Taryn Rose. We welcomed Rocket in our home, she is a darling 6 lb cream and her coat is so soft and thick! She is a full sister to Taryn Rose.

Rocket, at 4 months old

Taryn Rose, at 2 yrs old

Dory, at 2 years old

Monday, May 31, 2010

Loving Memory - Missie 12-2005 to 3-2010

Missie is a product of a puppy mill based in Ohio and she was sold to Animal Ark pet store in Orem around March 2006. A lady bought her and took her home. Her name was Lola. On a halloween morning, I saw her post on ksl.com classified ad priced for 100 dollars. I was so curious why is that gorgeous tiny girl is being listed for only 100 dollars. I arranged to meet Missie along with her owner. I brought my 3 lb Taryn Rose to see how Missie and Taryn Rose would interact. I feel in love with Missie at first sight. So sweet personality and warmed up to me. I examined her teeth and noticed there are lots of tar with some retained baby canines and her finger nails were pretty long, about 3/4 inch long. I immediately took her home with her pedigree and some immunization history with contact names where she came from. She felt so skinny, legs like pencil with no muscle around it compare to my Taryn who is same weight and pretty musclar. I gave her a nice bath, trimmed her nails and attempted to clean her teeth but it was so severe tar with horrible bad breath. I continue to cuddle her closely with her favorite soft blankie. Took her to vet next day to observe her and to give her vaccines. Vet at saragota springs animal hospital recommended a dental cleaning ASAP due to Missie being under weight and had difflicult to eat because it hurts to chew with the condition her teeth was. Few days later, I took her to Dr. Carolyn McGuire because she is my friend and her specialty is in small breed. She cleaned and pulled almost all teeth out, except kept 4 adult canine and one back molar. Missie was a good trooper. She also was diagonised with grade 1 heart murmur, kidney disease and pancreatis. I had to give her antibiotics and fluid through IV 3 to 4 times a day. She had thrived and was happy. Playing n running with my other pomeranians. She loves to go on a ride and love to sit outside in sun. Her favorite spot to lounge is on my dirty laundry and go under the bed to play with Taryn Rose. She was spoiled with lots of soft bed under my bed, in her pen/kennel and other rooms with soft dog bed. She like to retreat into a quiet space with a soft cushioned bed to nap. She loves to sleep by my leg at the night time. She has nice soft coat, even though she didnt have full coat due to lack of nutrition in early days in her life. She went into heat around new year eve and I waited one month before take her to Carolyn McGuire to be spayed. Surgery went well and I continue to give her some IV fluids whenever is needed. In March, she started to nap lot more and more. Would want to cuddle with me at night time, every night. My family decided to go on a short weeekend trip to Las Vegas as a family vacation. My generous friend, Melissa watched my 3 poms (Dory, Taryn Rose and Missie). While we were in Las Vegas, Melissa cautioned me that Missie isnt doing well... has been vomiting and pooping with some old blood in them. She tried to give Missie some medication in hope to help her to recover. After getting home. Missie retreated into baby pen to sleep. I have been watching her... she has less appetite for foods. still vomiting and pooping with some blood. She drank fluids allright. She would curl up trying to find some comfort. She smelled sick and look sad. I talked with Melissa and vet. We realize Missie is very sick and will not live much longer on her own. We come to a decision to put her down. It was so hard. I was heart broken. My 6 year old daughter loved Missie and she was heart broken when Missie went over the rainbow bridge.

So I hope my story will make you realize the consquence when buying a puppy from pet store or a source where you were not allowed to see the parents on site of puppy. If you are considering to buy a puppy, do good research and find a honest small hobby breeder who stands behind their puppies like their own children. Getting a healthy puppy meaning a long happy life with your pet with miminal vet expenses.
I am trying to raise a fund to help with rescues that my friend is doing for a very long time. To learn more about the rescue:
I miss Missie still, will always miss her. She is in special place of my heart/memory.
If you have any questions, leave the comments

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Been a while... but here is some new update in our family

We received two more pomeranians, both are female 3lbs full grown.

This is Taryn Rose at 7 weeks. A black n tan parti pomeranian. Isnt she adorable?Taryn Rose and her mom sitting well behaved like if they are in classroom. They hang out while Missie being examed by vet.

Taryn Rose loves to play outside, regardless the weather!She has her mom, Nike's aura and facial also she behaves and sounds like her mom. I love her mother's sweetness. I am so thankful to have Taryn Rose in our family.

This is Missie, a 4 year old rescued white orange sable parti pomeranian.

Missie and Taryn Rose are pen mate, enjoy to snuggle together at night time or nap time. Very recently I learned Missie and Taryn Rose are closely related! Both came from Wee Hearts Champion lines. Taryn Rose's mom Nike's father is Missie's paternal great grandfather. No wonder they love eachother instantly when I rescued Missie. Missie had horrible dental, each tooth coated with very thick tar and teeth deteriotated. Took her to vet and cleaned/pulled teeth. Only can save four canines and one back molar. Found she has kidney disease also pancreasitis. I had to put her on IV couple of times per day for almost 3 weeks. Now she is all happy and wiggly.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Few Pictures to Add...

Sorry none of my pictures are here.... but I will post mine, probably in my next post...

Dory and Mochie resting

Dory is into fashion show. I missed the fun because I was not here

Arent they cute and sweet?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My other roomate

Mochie, my other roomate, whom Dory and I respect. She is about 8 years old. She loves to hang out alone in master bedroom. She would seldomly check on me and Dory to see what we were doing. We do go out side for some relief or sunbathe.

Come on, mommy... got any treats?

Lounging on soft down comforter on laz-sac... sooo comfortable to sit and watch TV

My sanctary... under my mommy and daddy's bed

Sleeping peacefully..... until...

Camera flashed, so I opened my eyes....

Whats up? Got anything exciting going on? If not, I will go back under the blanket to sleep

My "Roomate" Dory

We always play every morning and between our naps. We love to tug over a stuffed toy or rawhide. Also we wrestle lot... Right now she is under care by a loving family friend because she has a broken front leg. I cant wait to be reunited with her.

This is Dory

Me and Dory. I was snoozing while Dory smiling for snap shot.

As you can see, we are best friends... I miss her and look forward to be reunited with her after she is fully recovered from the leg injury.

Isnt she pretty? This is the spot where we love to hang out or play (under the table and chairs).

My Sweet Keeshonden friend...

This is Patience... Shes so cool and was well loved by her mommy... She just went to other side of Bridge a little while ago.

Me and Patience playing... She did do little of running when Im here despite her hip pain.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My first friend

Jasper is behind me, we shared the bed while we were riding in car.

Jasper, chilling out...

Do you like my shiny coat? Do I look handsome?

This is Jasper, a 2 year old black male pomeranian. I lived in his home with a married college students since I was 5 weeks old and we have love n hate relationship. We sometimes enjoy to snuggle together... sometimes we bricker at eachother... When I am 4 months old and I was old enough to move out. Now I am living with a family who wanted a family dog. Jasper just returned to his first owner shortly after I left. We did had wonderful with those college married couple. They treated us very well.

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